Maple Bars, Red Velvet Cake, Raised Glazed Rings

Call us old fashioned ( 😉 ), but here at Sunrise Donuts & Espresso we tend to have an affinity for a great, classic donut. Our donuts are hand-made, hand-cranked and rolled out early in the morning on a daily basis (for the days we’re open, of course).

The donuts start at $1.10, with our specialty donuts coming in at $1.50. A dozen donuts starts at $10.50 and comes with one to two specialty donuts, including our maple bacon bars, but the price goes up with the addition of more specialty donuts. See below for a breakdown.


Dozen Donuts with 1 to 2 Specialty Donuts: $10.50
Dozen Donuts with 3 to 4 Specialty Donuts: $11.50
Dozen Donuts with 5+ Specialty Donuts: $12.50

To see our selection of over 50 different types of donuts, specialty donuts and other donut variety we make, check out the menu below. And if you would like to see some of what we make, be sure to check out our DONUT GALLERY.